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TransCon Imaging Solutions
provides 3D scanning services
for a wide variety of applications

TransCon Imaging Solutions offers their clients the latest 3D scanning technology that can be
utilized in a vast array of applications. Whether you’re designing a modification to a complex
refinery piping system, surveying a site or documenting a historic building, you need reliable
measurements. High-Definition Surveying (HDS) scanning services offered by TransCon
Imaging Solutions provides you with accurate measurable data of the entire environment or
object. When your as-built information has to be right, rely on TransCon Imaging Solutions'
accurate 3D scanning services and expertise.

To learn more about TransCon Imaging Solutions' cutting edge
technology & services, click on each application below.

TransCon Imaging Solutions provides a full range of consulting services to construction, manufacturing, architectural and engineering industries for use in the planning and design of new construction, as well as providing accurate, measurable documentation of existing conditions that can be rendered into 3D modeling for BIM.   more...
3D BIM  Architectural Engineering & Design Build
TransCon provides the latest in visualisation technology to deliver architectural images for our clients including homeowners, retailers, architects and general contractors. New technology for capturing design and measurements is providing quantam leaps resulting in saving valuable professional time for architects, engineers and designers. When the challenge is building remodeling and design, and building plans cannot be found, TransCon can provide 3D Laser Scanning services.  more...
3D BIM  MEP for HVAC Contractors
TransCon provides MEP coordination services including coordination of all building services (HVAC, Pipework, Public Health and Electrical, with other disciplines making up the building structure, fabric and external envelope (steel, concrete, false ceilings, etc. As built MEP can be the most complex, time consuming part of any BIM project. It requires a deep understanding of scanning techniques. 3D modeling know-how and savvy project management skills.  more...
  Accurate Volumetric Calculations
TransCon Imaging Solutions 3D scanning technology rapidly records 50,000 data points per second (millions of points in a single scan) to create an accurate 3D data set. This data can be used directly for detailed measurement and an accurate volume of stockpiles, surface mines, or even outfalls can be calculated. Our latest technology makes capturing the shape of the subject quick and easy, and more importantly safer since technicians are not required to climb on stockpiles.  more...
  Building Information Modeling (BIM)
Craftsmen in the fields of construction, civil engineering and architecture find it essential to capture the most precise measurements of the structure of any building project and its surroundings. TransCon Imaging Solutions provides portable laser scanning services to digitize a building and its environment in true form and actual condition. This technology is vital for “As-builts” as part of the planning process for current or future renovations.
A point cloud of the structure allows these experts to take accurate measurements of the area and generate a
CAD model which can be navigated through, and used for comparison and building reconstruction.  more...
  Rail/Highway Safety Analysis
3D measurement and documentation of existing rail/highway conditions including rail/highway crossings can be preserved for use with planned future improvements in an effort to reduce accidents and injuries.  more...
  Forensic Crash Analysis (Automotive, Aerospace & Rail)
For any type of vehicle accident whether it be in automotive, aerospace or rail, TransCon Imaging Solutions can provide accurate documentation of an accident after impact or collision. The portability of our measuring equipment allows us to bring our high tech equipment right to the crash scene to perform a 360° scan to accurately measure the deformation of the vehicle or object. This technology can be used in crash analysis and accident reconstruction at the scene, or later at another location or testing environment.  more...
  Forensic Crime Scene, Public Safety & Homeland Security
TransCon Imaging Solutions can quickly capture a crime scene in high detail without ever disrupting the scene. These accurate details can then be analyzed and investigated for any missing clues. Accurate reproduction of the crime scene provides much more detail than a series of photographs that might overlook or leave out important evidence. The position and surfaces of the crime scene can then be reviewed in a virtual, 3D environment, offering the investigator a perspective that cannot be achieved through traditional recording methods. Once the scene has been scanned, the evidence and various measurements are “frozen in time” and can be easily retrieved by the investigator at a later time right from his/her desktop.  more...
  Civil Engineering (Bridges & Tunnels)
To build or move a bridge is a massive and intimidating technical task. With the use of TransCon Imaging Solutions' laser scanner, engineers can safely test and measure new concrete and steel bridge spans to monitor stress under specific loads. Deflection can be recorded and monitored in real-time to ensure that there is no major damage. 3D laser scanners can document and greatly assist in the process of excavating underground water passage ways and tunnels to provide accurate clearance for the transportation of vehicles, rail and boats.  more...
  Accurate Clearances
TransCon Imaging Solutions utilizes the latest 3D scanner technology to document and measure overhead utility lines, bridges, and tunnels for verification of accurate clearances for access. These accurate measurements utilizing millions of recorded data points further allow integration with the topographical survey to analyze critical areas. The software allows for exportability into other CAD applications.  more...
  Topographical Analysis
TransCon Imaging Solutions can deliver all the benefits of High Definition Surveying (HDS) for more as-built, topographical and mapping surveys. 3D digitizing technology and 3D modeling provide accurate and essential tools for surface reconstruction, reverse engineering, 3D animation and inspection.  more...
  Historic Preservation / Heritage Detail (Historic Buildings)
TransCon Imaging Solutions provides an ideal solution to assist in the documentation or restoration of historic properties. The incredibly detailed results from their state-of-the-art, 3D scanning technology provides scientific data to the historic specialist that is focused on scientific study, restoration and preservation of these precious items and historic buildings. It can be very useful for these older structures that do not have prior documents or blueprints available.  more...
  Asset & Facilities Management
TransCon Imaging Solutions can produce precise 3D documentation, which essentially freezes the building or structure in time for historical preservation. Facility managers can better control site supervision, maintenance, off-site production, assembly and training through utilization of comprehensive 3D master data, which provides exact simulations of the facility and surrounding property in precise laser focused clarity.  more...
  Digital Simulation
TransCon Imaging Solutions 3D scanner analyzes a real-world object or environment to collect data on its shape and appearance. This collected data can be used to construct digital, three dimensional models that can be accurately measured, analyzed and inspected. Exact replica of the object can be recreated with surface texture and color and a digital file can be reproduced to look like the real object or environment.  more...

TransCon Imaging Solutions, a total solution ideal for
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