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TransCon Imaging Solutions: provides the most accurate high-definition 3D sanning services in the industry!


TransCon's Value Statement - Return on Investment:
TransCon's 3D BIM ROI

Benefits of our 3D Laser Scanner Technology:

Added Value Benefits

  • Faster, more accurate resultsBenefits of hiring TransCon Imaging Solutions
  • Shorter project cycle times
  • Better quality results
  • Less ambiguity - more complete
  • Safer data capture
  • Unobtrusive
  • Point clouds can be conveniently used & reviewed
    by others for more efficient management of projects
  • Visually easy to follow
  • On time and within budget
Added Cost Saving Benefits
  • Building Information Modeling (BIM)
  • Lower cost as-built & topographic surveys
  • Reduction or elimination of costly “return visits” toLeica ScanStation C10  interface
    the site
  • More accurate, complete as-builts for retrofit design
    projects translate into better retrofit designs.

    These translate into:
    1. (1) less construction re-work due to
      (2) the ability to factory-fabricate or
  • Reduced facility downtime:
    1. (1) fast, unobtrusive environment capture
      (2) minimal field rework thanks to accurate,
      measurable as-builts
  • Utilizing desktop software, can easily view and
    measure any object regardless of size, shape, or complexity
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