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TransCon Imaging Solutions: provides the most accurate high-definition 3D sanning services in the industry!
Equipment and TechnologyLeica ScanStation C10 3D Laser Scanner
Leica ScanStation C10

Compact, all-in-one platform

The Leica ScanSation C10 includes:

Instrument Type: Pulsed, dual-axis compensated, very-high speed laser scanner, with survey grade accuracy, range, and field-of-view

Camera: Integrated high-resolution digital camera

Accuracy of Single Position:* 6mm

Distance:* 4mm Angle (horizontal/vertical) 60 μrad/60 μrad

Target Acquisition: 2 mm std. deviation

Laser Scanning System: Range 300 m @ 90 %;
134m @18% albedo

Scan Rate: Maximum instantaneous: up to 50,000 points/sec

Cyclone Register (floating) software license
Cyclone-REGISTER provides the complete set of tools for aligning point clouds captured from different scanning positions, quickly and accurately. Cyclone-REGISTER supports the use of Leica Geosystems HDS targets to geo-reference scan data, as well as the ability to align overlapping areas of point clouds - without the use of targets. This results in optimum registration, and provides significant time- and cost-savings by reducing the need to place and extract targets.

Cyclone Model (floating) software license
This versatile, powerful module enables professionals to use point clouds directly, to process them into objects for robust export into CAD (and other applications), and to allow robust import of data from CAD (and other applications). Cyclone-MODEL has the industry's largest, most complete and automated set of tools for accurately modeling 3D point clouds as CAD geometry or as meshes for engineering, surveying, construction, architectural and related applications.

Cloudworx AutoCAD Pro
Leica CloudWorx for AutoCAD is a software application that allows users to take advantage of rich, 3D point clouds within AutoCAD.

The Leica ScanStation C10
The top of the line 3-D Laser Scanning Station utilized by TransCon Imaging Solutions

50,000 Points per Second with true to life surface recreation
Scanning from multiple angles to recreate a perfect 3-D Model

Collects data in tighter time windows

Company Expertise
TransCon Team offers expert services in:
  • 3D Laser Scanning
  • Processing and registration of point cloud data
  • AutoCAD 2014; Revit 2014; Autodesk ReCap 2014; AutoCAD Civil 3D 2014; AutoCAD Map 3D 2014; AutoCAD Utility Design 2014; Autodesk Infraworks 2014; Autodesk Robot Structural Analysis; Navisworks; AutoCAD Raster Design 2014; Storm and Sanitary Analysis 2014; Autodesk Intrastructure Design Suite
  • Forensic Analysis
  • Construction Risk Management
  • Claims Litigation and Defense

Nodal Ninja
Nodal Ninja Camera
Camera Mounting on the Leica ScanStation C10

Small, compact, lightweight, precise
The Nodal Ninja fits most point and shoot cameras and many smaller DSLR’s
(Nikon D200, Canon Rebel, etc). Lightweight and compact this pano head is an
excellent choice when weight is a concern. This is a popular pano head used by
many Real Estate photographers. Also great for hiking or traveling, stows easily
inside a protective case or fits nicely in any bag or large pocket. Folded, it
I measures only 7”x2”x2” and weighs 1 lb, 1oz.

Key Features:

  • The smallest panoramic tripod head on the market today
  • Weighs only 1lb 1oz (475 grams)
  • Full rotation UP with many cameras and wide angle lenses
  • Fits most DSLR's
  • Allows your camera to be mounted in landscape mode
  • Made to higher precision tolerances than earlier modelsNodal Ninja
  • East one knob adjustable resistance for horizontal panning
  • Sturdy - made from lightweight aluminum metal (extremely
    durable for field use)
  • Rail Stops - locks in your camera and lens in same position
    with each mounting
  • Leveling - built-in quality bubble level for exact leveling
  • Small Rotator Base - smaller footprint to edit out when doing
    full spherical panos
  • Easy to assemble - no tools required
Leica Geosystems TruView
Publish laser scans for intuitive viewing and
measurement over the internet

Using Leica TruView is intuitive – no skills in laser scanning,
CAD, or 3D are needed. TruView provides panoramic images ofLeica True View
High-DefinitionSurvey™ point clouds on your computer as if you
were standing where the laser scanner was. Then, you can freely
rotate the view horizontally or vertically and pan/zoom.

Users can extract individual coordinates or measure distances.
Mark-ups and hyperlinks are easy to create, save and share for
more effective internal and external communications. Publishing
TruView file sets is quick and easy.

Key Features:

  • View TruView file sets locally or via the web
  • Publish TruViews for any vendor’s laser scanner
  • Use high-resolution images and true-color point clouds
  • Full markup capabilities
  • Save and share views and markups
  • Within views, incorporate hyperlinks to asset information
  • Include 3D models in TruView scenes
  • Free download:

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